Leader Self-Love & Self-Care

Self-love defined as “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage” is a term that is normally not used when characterizing effective leadership qualities, however, some studies suggest that self-love is was found to be fundamental to leadership and organizations with a pervasive impact that includes the structure and quality of decision-making, the ability to inspire high levels of commitment and productivity from employees, and the ability to foster a culture of innovation.
In this post, Dr. Brown shares her experience with prioritizing herself through care and actions of self-love.

How To Prepare To Conduct A Virtual Interview

As a school leader, one of your tasks in leading an organization is ensuring that you have the right people on the bus. Due to COVID-19, interviewing for some may look a lot different than what you have typically prepared for. So, how should we prepare for what some people would say is one of the most important tasks of a school leader? How do you prepare to get the right people on the bus? Principal Harris will share her own tips for success in hiring.

How Do You Avoid Leadership Burnout?

Written By: Mrs. Jamilah A. Hud-Kirk For many school leaders, the approaching of the end of the year means a long to-do list that is not limited to: analyzing data, planning next year’s schedules, hiring for next year, completing evaluations, monitoring RTI, running after school or Saturday camps, monitoring collaborative planning, and keeping morale highContinue reading “How Do You Avoid Leadership Burnout?”