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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am so glad you are able to join me on this journey of reflection as I continue my life-long learning of figuring out how to be a more effective school leader while trying out this thing called “balance” as a mom, wife, educator and principal. 

Who am I? First and foremost I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband for the past 20 years with 4 boys and 1 girl ranging in ages from 26 to 3 years of age. Prior to moving to Georgia, I served as an Assistant Principal at both the elementary and middle school level. However, prior to this, my humbling beginnings started off as a classroom teacher in general and special education settings in Alabama, Texas and a brief time in Georgia . In addition to answering my calling to teaching, I served for 2 years as an Elementary Language Arts School Improvement Specialist at the district level. 

I have served for the past 15 years as Principal of an elementary school in one of the largest urban school districts in Metro Atlanta, currently designated as a Title I School serving over 600 students in Grades PreK—5. It has always been my desire to focus on creating a positive culture and climate that fosters growth of my students and staff. Ultimately, I want to affect change.

During my journey as an elementary Principal in the same school in which I began this rewarding journey, I found myself going through what I would call a “leadership life crisis”. I suddenly had the need around my 7th year as a school principal to to reinvent myself or to ensure that I re-sparked the “why” that started me on this journey. I wanted to be that excited leader that I started out as 10 years earlier. This is no small feat when you are leading others and encouraging them to do what you know you should be doing yourself. How was I going to fill my cup, so I could fill the cup of others? Something that I often spoke about to others, but did not do for myself.

This brings me to now. I began this blog as an attempt to carry out my recent passion, which is to provide tools for other women who serve in school leadership roles and may share similar challenges that come with trying to balance it all. Although, leading schools while leading our families can be rewarding, there is no manual outlining how to do this work effectively.   I am definitely not a professional writer, nor would I have believed you if you told me 5 years ago that I would be creating a blog, but here I am.

My only hope is that you will join me on my journey in finding balance between leading an organization and co-leading a home. Hopefully, by sharing my thoughts, ideas (new and borrowed), celebrations and opportunities for growth, that you too can navigate the waters of what some may call lonely waters. My hope is that your cup gets filled so you may fill the cup of others. When you know better, you do better! Let’s go!!


Jamilah Hud-Kirk, Principal Captain Kirk

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